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Dr. Rebecca Bae,
Kinnelon & Butler Dentist

We are a family practice with a focus on building long-lasting personal relationships. You’re more than just a number here. We truly care for you like family.

The oral health of your entire family is our top priority. We understand that many of our patients have fears about visiting a dentist. Our team is here to provide you and your family with the caring, gentle care that you deserve in a comfortable environment. We offer the latest in dental technology and are committed to continual education and learning. We are a family practice with a focus on building long-lasting personal relationships. You’re more than just a number here. We truly care for you like family.

From the first phone call to your initial visit, you will feel the warmth, sincerity, and empathy. Our team members will ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way!

A dental visit doesn’t have to be scary or dreary. We’re pretty sure you’ll look forward to every visit.

Dr Rebbeca Bae

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What Our Patients Say!

My family and I LOVE Dr. Bae and all the staff! Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Bae is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything to the patient to make you feel more at ease. She caught some things that previous dentists did not because she takes the time and truly cares for the patients. So happy that we found her and I’m actually not scared to go to the dentist anymore!

by Lisa L.

What Our Patients Say!

I highly recommend Dr. Bae and team!
Dr. Bae is best in class; she’s an expert in the field, is caring, compassionate and takes the time to listen. She’s also very down to earth and a genuinely likable person; treats everyone with class and respect.
She also has a wonderful and exceptionally high-performing team around her. The whole office shares a “patient first” mentality; leaving you feeling very well cared for. Overall, a positive and warm environment.

by Tim S.

What Our Patients Say!

Dr. Bae is a skilled and caring dentist. She has a gentle touch and an engaging chair side manner. Her office is clean and modern and her staff welcoming, in particular, Pat, the long-time hygienist there. I feel so comfortable being treated by Dr. Bae that I’ve made her my regular dentist even though I live in Westchester, NY, more than an hour’s drive away.

by Fred R.

What Our Patients Say!

Dr. Bae is helpful and reassuring when needed and is easy to talk to. Not all professionals are so friendly and willing to do so. She is just what I was looking for to replace my retiring dentist.

by Ross S.

What Our Patients Say1

I have never been to a dentist where I felt so comfortable and satisfied. Dr. Bae and her staff are exceptionally attentive and truly listen to the patient. Without hesitation I recommend this practice. Looking forward to my next appointment.

by Hernando O.

What Our Patients Say!

Normally I strongly dislike any Dentist visit, which is why I hadn’t been in 2 years. Knowing I had to get checked out I saw Dr. Bae’s reviews and decided to try her practice and it was a fantastic decision! Right away Dr. Bae’s calm and positive attitude made me comfortable. She explained everything she was doing before she did it and took the time to answer any questions I had more thoroughly than I expected. I was used to dentists shaming my bad dental care habits (ie. drinking soda, not enough flossing, ect.) but Dr. Bae skipped over the patronizing lecture and just gave me advice in a kind tone. Dr. Bae is positive, informative, and a good care giver. I highly recommend her. The whole office was pleasant.

by Sierra C.

What Our Patients Say!

Dr. Bae was the absolute best! She explained everything that she was going to do and why. She was funny, on time and has done great work. She is by far the best Dentist I have ever seen! I've already recommended all my friends and family! Thanks Dr. Bae!

by William O.

What Our Patients Say!

Rebecca was great - very smart, personable, and friendly. I had the appointment this morning and have already recommended her to a new co-worker who needed a dentist as well. She made me feel very comfortable and clearly explained everything that was being done and the reasoning behind it. The staff was excellent as well.

by Robert B.
With Confidence

In the past decade there has been a dramatic interest in cosmetic dentistry. We all realize that having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile enhances our appearance and allows us to smile with confidence.

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‍Snoring, mouth breathing, clenching, grinding and crowded teeth are some signs of sleep disordered breathing.

Sleep disordered breathing can lead to a myriad of medical issues including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, obesity, and other developmental issues. In children, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can lead to neurologic, behavioral, cardiovascular and growth issues.

‍Did you know that every child with hyperactive and/or disruptive behavior, inattentiveness or learning disabilities should be screened for OSA?

Children with frequent ear infections, nighttime bed wetting, small/delayed growth, daytime sleepiness, depression, anxiety, obesity, snoring or mouth breathing should all be screened for OSA.

Breathe easy, sleep better, and get healthier!



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