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A pearly-white smile is beautiful to look at and can greatly improve self-confidence.  Many people are opting for the Zoom! QuickPro® Chairside Whitening System (Zoom! QuickPro®) for fast, safe and effective teeth whitening.  Zoom! QuickPro® combines the newest advances in dental technology with proven chemical formulas. This ensures that the bleaching experience is painless, and the results are satisfying.

There are many reasons why teeth become stained or discolored, including tobacco use, and drinking dark liquids such as red wine, coffee, tea and cola.  However, the natural aging process and prescription medication use can also cause yellowing and graying.

Zoom! QuickPro® has many advantages over these other treatments, including:

  • All teeth treated simultaneously.
  • Faster treatment times (5-10 minutes!)
  • Little to no sensitivity.
  • Safe procedure and treatment.
  • Treatments are performed by an experienced professional.

It is important to seek advice from the dentist prior to beginning a bleaching regime.  Women who are pregnant or lactating should not seek bleaching treatment.

How does Zoom! QuickPro® whiten the teeth?

The secret to Philips Zoom QuickPro® is the breakthrough two-layer technology. The 20% hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish is followed by an innovative sealant layer that dries in seconds and locks the hydrogen peroxide layer into place. The patient leaves the office after the five-minute application and simply brushes or wipes off the thin film 30 minutes later.

As with any whitening system, the post-treatment results can vary according to the degree of staining and the condition of the teeth.  A consultation with the dentist prior to treatment will provide information as to what kind of results Zoom! QuickPro® can provide in specific instances.  Zoom! QuickPro® is only applied to healthy teeth and gums.  If tooth decay or gum disease is an issue, these need to be controlled before the bleaching treatment is performed.

No sensitivity! No light! Applied within 5-10 minutes and you whiten throughout the day!

It's fast, simple and just $99*

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